Hate to have seen it

I am a huge sports fan. I love the whole thrill of victory and agony of defeat thing. In the process of being this sports fan, I have never claimed a team to be my own. I have always been more into the fact of seeing players compete at their best to win. This was until I spent 4.5 years covering the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program, and having the experience of covering many games at Allen Fieldhouse. In my opinion the most special place to watch a college basketball game, so to say the least I was converted to be a Jayhawk basketball fan. The one and only team I claim to follow. So this weekend the overall # 1 seed in the men’s NCAA tourny went down on flames to UNI in the second round played in OKC, and I was there to see what I did not want to happen first hand from the baseline as I photographed the game. Maybe next year guys, I feel for you.


One thought on “Hate to have seen it

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