Working For A Living

On Wednesday I was able to spend time with 7-Eleven store manager Donnie Harmon as he worked the morning rush to the convenience store. Harmon started with the company in high school, and has been with them for eight years now. While I was talking to Harmon about his job he made the statement “It is nice to be able to do something you enjoy”…… It made me think how true that statement is, and how often so many never get to experience that in the environment where they spend so much of their lives. It was a quick reminder that I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to do the one thing that I have wanted to do since high school.


One thought on “Working For A Living

  1. That is something to be grateful for! You have freedom, a chance to be creative, meet new people all of the time. You are not chained to a desk – you are truly lucky!

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